UK Breakdown Cover.

Tailor-made for our members.

Breakdown en route to holiday?
Dual Recovery will get you there and back!

Stuck on Site? We'll get you out

No size or weight restrictions on any caravan or motorhome

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Choosing the right breakdown cover

All of our cover levels are available for a 12 month period for UK residents 18 years or over.
Policy booklet

Please answer all questions accurately. Your policy will only be valid if the information you give is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.

How many vehicles do you want to cover?

If you have a car and a caravan, we count this as just one vehicle. This is because there is only one engine.

If you need breakdown cover for three or more vehicles, please call us on 0800 400 654.

Do you need breakdown cover at home?

We'll bring assistance to your doorstep, fixing mechanical problems at home or within ΒΌ mile of your home address.

Do you need Personal Cover?

This extends the breakdown cover to any private vehicle you travel in.
Your partner is also covered, if they live at the same address as you.